Look out the window. What do you see? You see buildings, cars, people. But those are just small parts of something more. You ask yourself, what is all this I’m seeing really?

I look outside…and I see America. And the America that I see is not the steel and concrete that make up these buildings. It’s not even the people. America is ideas. And it’s greater than the sum of its parts. You could tear down this city and put up another and I would still look out that window and see the same thing: America.

But this is not the America of our fathers. This is a new world where people don’t just want what they see around them. They want everything. And they want it when they want it, not when you decide to give it to them. Because your client, your customer, has ideas of their own. They have their own ideas about what they want to see through that window. They want news, entertainment, e-mail, everything. Because at base they know that the world — like America — is all about ideas. And if there is nothing stopping the ideas that grow and shape this world, then why should they be stopped from accessing those ideas when they want them, how they want them.

And what you’re doing is giving them that window, right in their hands.

The iPad. Ideas. People. America.