Design. Build. Burn.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Design a 72 storey mixed-use tower downtown. Make the first 12 floors commercial leasing space with an exciting expansive entrance and grand English cathedral-style atrium. Have all the luxury designers beg for space in your masterpiece. Give Louboutin a kiosque next to the food court because he’s a piece of shit.

Make the upper floors plush condominiums. Seven people will die in the stampede that erupts when the pre-sales open. Send the families of the dead a Louboutin gift certificate, but do not give them a condo.

Cut the ribbon on opening day with the mayor. Accept the key to the city. Accept a five minute standing ovation. Accept the rainbow of prostitutes the city’s real estate developers send to your hotel.

Stand at your hotel window that night and look out at your creation.

Now go burn it down.

You created it so you can destroy it. That’s your right.

Return to your hotel room and the platoon of prostitutes to better watch the show. As the flames creep up floor by floor, you’ll feel something you haven’t felt in ages: a powerful, majestic erection.

Turn to the protistutes. Have them applaud. Now go enjoy your 250 million dollar erection. If it helps you out, know that 29 people will die in the fire.